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Personalized Celebration of Life Memorials through Sound and Images

“As a culture, we don’t talk about death, so no one knows what to do when a death takes place. Largely people are unaware of the new changes and options now available to them at the end of life. Our cultural perception of death is shifting to one of a natural part of life that it should be. There is a grassroots movement taking place where families are taking control – or should I say we own our death experiences. With this movement, a variety of beautiful and loving contemporary rituals are emerging to help both the person dying, as well as the family members, to have a meaningful end of life experiences. We are a culture that embraces rituals at birth, graduation, and marriage, so why not at the end of life too? Dying is as profound as all stages of life.”- Suzette Sherman, Seven Ponds

Inremember by Potomac Talent is an alternative service and resource for those who wish to celebrate a memory and personalize the end of life. We are celebration-of-life planners for contemporary remembrance events. Our focus is on helping families and friends gather and create a unique space to tell the story with remembrances, music, and photos or media. Flawless and skilled event production for an immersive experience and last gathering.      


We help families re-imagine the memorial experience as a creative opportunity to personalize the gathering, or perhaps, to honor final wishes. We find that most families like to take on a lot of the planning because it's therapeutic and provides a sense of purpose. We can take care of a lot of logistics and help organize, photos, audio requirements, and program details for the actual event - which are all very time-consuming. Self or family-led, with a faith leader, celebrant, or tribute specialist, we'll do all the heavy lifting if that's what you need.

Many names call these personalized memorials. Some people call them 'Life Remembrances, while others call them 'Celebrations of Life' or 'Life Celebrations.'  We can help you put a Celebration together anywhere; a historic mansion, barn or farm, meeting space, country club, restaurant, on a boat, beach, back yard, garden, or under a tent, in the woods, or on a mountain. With Celebrations, there are no rules. Whatever you and your family can imagine, we can probably make it happen. That's because we're an event company with over 23 years of creating memorable events of every kind. We are creatives who can think outside of the box.   

Planning a memorial at a time of immense grief is difficult and can be overwhelming. We're here for you to help work through the planning phase of creating such an event. We'll assume the role of coordinating vendors, approve seating plans, and help you craft a time-line that will co-exist with all of the behind the scenes functions. The point is that you have enough on your plate. Let us take some weight off of you and your family. Outside of catering, we pretty much can do everything else. Our goal is to assist you in creating a perfectly executed, stress-free, beautiful, and memorable experience for all who will be attending. 

How to Begin

Planning for a Celebration of Life and some suggestions on what needs to be done next.

What We Do

Here's some specific details of our role in helping you plan a unique memorial. 


Answers to common questions that pop up. And always  give us a call if you have  questions. 


Thoughts on Grief, Helpful Videos, Books and Links including our Partners. 

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Every single Inremember Celebration of Life memorial is an individual event experience that perhaps goes a little deeper than what we all have traditionally experienced. They are an opportunity to let your creativity and uniqueness run free as a way to honor final wishes.  


And at the end of the day, we can take all of the music played, photos used for a slide-show or photo show played at the celebration, and put up all these artifacts and more onto the cloud for future generations - a modern-day time-capsule. Whatever you can imagine or want, we can probably do it.  .  

It is our most profound privilege to help our clients pull together a Celebration, and we are grateful for the opportunity our clients give us to enter into their story and help tell that story. And hopefully help create a beautiful, and memorable experience. 

The next step is to contact us to see if we are indeed a fit.  

 * from Remembering Well - Rituals for Celebrating Life and Mourning Death by Sarah York

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