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Potomac Talent is owned and run by professional musicians. We started and still have the only buyer-broker music agency in the area since 1997. We don't 'own' bands or musicians. We just know who the really good and cool ones are, so we're free help you pick musicians for your reasons and what's right for your needs instead of filling in a band's schedule.


And if you're interested in a national artist, we can help you there too. Let us negotiate and manage the deal for a flat fee as 'your' agent. Working with artist agencies and managers and negotiating contracts is not for the faint of heart. 


The process of looking under every rock can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming. Just need strings or a classical guitar? We got you covered because we know who all the best bands and musicians are in the area. We know music and we know what it should cost. Think of us as 'personal shoppers for music. And think of us as an alternative way to quickly get what you want on time and on budget. No games. No gimmicks

Bands • Solo Musicians • Combos • Duos • Trios  • Quartets  Background • Jazz • Classical • Folk • Celtic • Party • Dancing •

Ethnic and International  


We can help you identify what you want, and what you need. Many things factor into the right choice for DJ's or Live Music, such as: 

Budget • Availability • Size of Space • Electrical Requirements • Sound Levels • Functionality • Diversity • Flexibility • Logistics & Time-line • Style & Personality • Function of the Music • Appropriateness 


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