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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where do I begin? 

The best and fastest way to get things rolling is with a phone call 301-587-6267 office or 202-957-4447 Eric's cell. Once we understand the basics (date, location, time-line, number of guests or attendees, budget if you have one), we can quickly pull together an action plan and call our partners for availability. But it all starts with sharing key details with us. Once we set you up as a new client, we can switch over to email. 

How much do bands, musicians, and DJ's cost? 

That's always the best question with the hardest answer. Talent prices are dependent on many variables. Popularity, timing, and stature will likely be the biggest factors. Prices can also depend on routing, day of the week, length of the event and required actual performance (sets or continuous music). And the type of event. Given all these factors, it is necessary to contact us to get accurate pricing.

Why don't you have videos of bands, DJ's, and musicians on your website? 

Who really has time to look at thousands of videos of bands? Bands and talent come and go and a lot of the videos out there are bands that no longer exist or have completely changed personnel. We are also buyer-broker agents who represent you. If we think we know of a good fit for a band, DJ, or musician, and we know they'll fit your budget and they're actually available, we'll get you the promo and examples on them for you. 

Do you do Weddings? 

Absolutely! Most brides and grooms have never bought music or worked with professional talent before. Buying talent is a different experience than most other purchases. That's because music is a highly personal thing and not every musician, band, or DJ is a perfect fit for every client. What we do is to listen to what you want and make a recommendation on what you'll need. We have the experience to see around corners and solve problems long before they come up. Unlike any other purchase, it's been our 25 - year experience that the quickest and most painless next step is to call us at 301-587-6267. We can both quickly determine if Potomac Talent is really the best solution for you or not.     

Why haven't we seen you in the Wedding Sites as a vendor? 

On-line wedding sites are in business to make money for their shareholders. Being positioned  as a highly rated vendor in any of these on-line sites or magazines is expensive (costs that need to be worked into pricing and passed on to customers) and something we prefer to stay away from. We prefer to be introduced via word of mouth. We know we're really good at what we do and so do the industry pros who recommend us to their clients.  

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