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Potomac Talent, LLC arose from a need to create a better kind of customer buying experience, to fairly represent the needs of both client and musicians, later to grow to include all types of entertainers and the support technicians and other components of production that they require.


Eric Cathcart started the business after a successful career as a professional musician (tenor sax and flutes) touring nationally with a wide variety of classic rock, punk and new wave bands, R&B, soul, world beat and jazz, and blues bands. Austin, Texas, New Haven, Connecticut, and Providence, Rhode Island, and Washington, DC. 

Eric created an entirely new kind of music brokerage in 1997. Potomac Talent would be a 'Buyer-Broker' Agency. Unlike most traditional music agencies, the agency does not have management deals, exclusive representations, or non-compete contracts. This allows the agency to be objective to all clients when it comes to recommending the best entertainment or production options, and it places the talent (musicians, DJ's, and performers) in a performance situation that matches their skills rather than just filling their calendar because of a management deal. 

In time, the agency grew to be a full event management and production service company, offering décor, lighting, audio-video, projection, event flooring and special effects.

Seeing a need and opportunity, Eric went on to become a certified video field producer, and added video editing to his skills. 

Just a sampling of Potomac Talent productions include:

  • conferences and conventions

  • trade-shows

  • ribbon cutting

  • product promotions

  • charitable and political fund-raisers

  • galas and awards

  • film festivals

  • concerts

  • regional festivals

Both Eric and Cynthia are life long musicians and music educators. Eric plays saxophones and flutes, and Cynthia plays classical piano and Celtic harp.

  • weddings

  • bar/bhat mitzvah's

  • birthdays

  • celebrations and memorials 

  • red carpet

  • activations

  • store openings

  • ground breaking

  • outdoor movies

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